About Vanessa Ogata

Vanessa has more than 7 years of experience in the massage industry, having also completed a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy whilst living in Brazil. She joined the BJC Health team in 2008.

Being a patient herself due to injuries related to playing European Handball for 14 years in Brazil and indoor soccer in Australia, Vanessa has a great understanding of how manual therapy can help with the healing process and the best massage approach for each sports modality or any other physical activity.

Passionate about the body and mind, Vanessa is always learning about the connections between the physical and emotional states of the human body. One of her lines of expertise is using massage as an additional tool for clients with anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. 

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Wed 27 October 8pm!

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Pain Points - 9 Key Points

How can this event help me?

There is mounting evidence that understanding pain is crucial to long term health and wellness. Sarah and Fabio are excited in their upcoming event to help those who attend understand how pain works, by covering 9 key concepts.

During our live online event Rheumatologist Dr Fabio Kullock and Exercise Physiologist Sarah will aim to cover:

  • An updated definition: What is pain?
  • Why is understanding pain so important?
  • Why can pain become chronic?
  • 9 key concepts related to understanding pain
  • Some strategies to help you regain some control over your pain

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