About Robyn Yin

Robyn is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and completed her Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at The University of Sydney in 2013. She has 10 years of experience at BJC helping people with inflammatory conditions and rheumatic disease live meaningful lives.

She is passionate about empowering her clients to reach their goals through lifestyle change and incorporating exercise in ways that are as enjoyable as possible. Robyn understands exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea, and is up for the challenge to help her patients embark on their movement journey and navigate the bumps along the way.

Robyn believes consistency is key over pushing one’s self too hard for ultimate long term success. She has experience with boxing for fitness, fascial mobility, kettlebell training, resistance training and running; particularly implementing these types of training modalities to be modified safely with those diagnosed with rheumatic and chronic conditions.

Robyn was born in South Africa, has lived in North America and has a huge passion for travel! Outside the clinic you can find Robyn trail running, hiking, improving her swimming technique and exploring a variety of multi-cultural foods!

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Wed 29 May 8pm!

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Exercise Recommendations for Psoriatic Arthritis

How can this event help me?

Psoriatic Arthritis cannot only limit joint function but also impact overall wellbeing. Physical activity is a cornerstone of managing Psoriatic Arthritis effectively, and this session aims to demystify how and why exercise can be used as a therapeutic tool. Join our expert Exercise Physiologists for a focused online session on integrating exercise into the management of Psoriatic Arthritis. This webinar is dedicated to offering specific, evidence-based advice that will help you understand and utilise physical activity to improve your condition effectively.


In our upcoming Lifestyle Event on Wednesday May 28th, Exercise Physiologists Tom Podbury and Sarah Comensoli will aim to cover:


  • Exercise Safety and Psoriatic Arthritis: Guidelines on how to exercise safely during flare-ups and periods of remission to avoid exacerbating symptoms. Recommendations for starting exercise safely will also be discussed.
  • Strength Training Benefits: Specific benefits of strength training for joint support and muscle function, including examples of low-impact exercises that are effective and safe.
  • Cardiovascular Health and Aerobic Fitness: How aerobic exercises can be adapted for individuals with Psoriatic Arthritis, aiming to improve heart health and increase stamina without stressing the joints.
  • Flexibility and Mobility Exercises: Importance of maintaining joint flexibility and mobility through targeted exercises, and how these can alleviate pain and improve daily functioning.
  • Developing a Personalised Exercise Plan: Strategies for creating a sustainable and personalised exercise regimen that accommodates the unique aspects of Psoriatic Arthritis, with tips for regular adjustments based on symptom severity.


This webinar is invaluable for anyone with Psoriatic Arthritis, from those newly diagnosed to those who have been managing their condition for years, as well as caregivers looking for effective support strategies. Our Exercise Physiologists are committed to helping you understand the critical role of exercise in managing Psoriatic Arthritis and guiding you through how to establish a routine that enhances your quality of life.

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