Endocrinology at BJC Health

An endocrinologist is a specialist that diagnoses and manages the system of glands in the body. These glands produce hormones that are critical for daily function and include metabolism, growth and reproduction.

The most commonly treated conditions include:

  • Diabetes include Type 1, Type 2, gestational and pump therapy
  • Thyroid disease including during pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease
  • Obesity
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Calcium and Parathyroid disease
  • Hypogonadism including menopause and testosterone deficiency

Endocrinologists will review your symptoms, history and organise for investigations to determine if there are hormonal imbalances that affect your wellbeing. A comprehensive treatment plan with be discussed collaboratively with you to provide holistic care include disease education, lifestyle interventions, medication and/or hormone therapy.


What kind of problems can an endocrinologist help with?

Endocrinologists manage diabetes as well as functional and structural disorders associated with hormonal glands.

Conditions treated include:

Type 1 diabetes mellitus, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, gestation diabetes, Graves’ disease, multinodular goitre, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, Hashimoto’s disease, hyper/hypothyroidism, thyroid disease in pregnancy, osteoporosis, obesity, Conn’s syndrome (primary hyperaldosteronism), Cushing’s syndrome,, Addison’s disease (primary adrenal insufficiency), phaeochromocytoma/paraganglioma, polycystic ovary syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, pituitary macro/microadenoma, hypopituitarism, hyperprolactinaemia, acromegaly, primary hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, menopause, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, testosterone deficiency.

How do I get in to see an endocrinologist?

A valid referral is required to consult with an Endocrinologist in order to be eligible for a Medicare rebate. A referral for an Endocrinologist can be obtained from your GP or from another specialist. A referral from a GP is valid for 12 months and a referral from a specialist is valid for 3 months.

A referral is not needed to see any of the Allied Health team.

When are you open?

Dr Cellina Ching and Dr Vincent Wong are available at the Parramatta clinic. Please speak to our reception team for more information related to their availability. 


What do I bring to my appointment?

  • Your referral letter.

  • Any relevant scans and investigations

  • Any relevant blood tests if available

  • Medicare card (Pensioner or Repatriation Card if applicable)

  • Claim number & details for Workers Compensation and Third Party claims

  • List of medications

  • Your Private health insurance card which will help process HICAPS claims and allow you to claim your rebate immediately.



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