About Dr Pauline Habib

Pauline is a Dual Specialist in General Medicine & Rheumatology and graduated from the Australian National University. She completed her General Medicine training in NSW and Rheumatology training in WA.

She is passionate about medical education, having been consistently involved over the last 10yrs in bedside and formal teaching of medical students and Basic Physician Trainee leading to their RACP Clinical Examination. She currently holds a clinical teaching post at the Sydney University Northern Clinical School.

She is passionate about Rheumatology with special interests in inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue diseases, inflammatory muscle diseases, and biologic therapy.

She balances her passion for Medicine with her passion for life as an avid foodie and adventurer.

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Wed 27 October 8pm!

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Pain Points - 9 Key Points

How can this event help me?

There is mounting evidence that understanding pain is crucial to long term health and wellness. Sarah and Fabio are excited in their upcoming event to help those who attend understand how pain works, by covering 9 key concepts.

During our live online event Rheumatologist Dr Fabio Kullock and Exercise Physiologist Sarah will aim to cover:

  • An updated definition: What is pain?
  • Why is understanding pain so important?
  • Why can pain become chronic?
  • 9 key concepts related to understanding pain
  • Some strategies to help you regain some control over your pain

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