About Blanche Leung

Blanche joined BJC having completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) at the University of Sydney. She has also spent time working in Sydney Children’s Hospital, where she gained a wide range of experience in neurology, rheumatology, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal and chronic pain. During her time in fracture and hands clinic, she has developed strong clinical skills in pre and post-operative assessments, casting, splinting and rehabilitation.
Blanche has undertaken additional training in dry needling and acupuncture, advanced surface anatomy and kinesiology taping. She is very passionate about restoring functional movements through alleviating pain and promoting goal-directed exercise rehabilitation. She aims to not only ensure the clients achieve their goal, but that they enjoy the process.
During her spare time, Blanche enjoys travelling, paddle boarding, scuba diving and figure skating.

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Wed 27 October 8pm!

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Pain Points - 9 Key Points

How can this event help me?

There is mounting evidence that understanding pain is crucial to long term health and wellness. Sarah and Fabio are excited in their upcoming event to help those who attend understand how pain works, by covering 9 key concepts.

During our live online event Rheumatologist Dr Fabio Kullock and Exercise Physiologist Sarah will aim to cover:

  • An updated definition: What is pain?
  • Why is understanding pain so important?
  • Why can pain become chronic?
  • 9 key concepts related to understanding pain
  • Some strategies to help you regain some control over your pain

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