Welcome to the BJC Health Physiotherapy Department

Let’s face it, being injured and dealing with pain that limits your activity is not fun. With physiotherapists in Parramatta and Chatswood, BJC Health is a preferred clinic focused on the best possible care for people with arthritis, as well as other inflammatory pain resulting from daily activities. Our mission is to help you regain your mobility and eliminate pain in as short a timeframe as possible.

Thanks to Connected Care, our physiotherapy team works in-house with rheumatologists, exercise physiologists, dietitians and massage therapists, to effectively treat patients with joint and muscle problems that are of inflammatory and/or mechanical nature. 

What Makes Us Unique

Along with having nearly 15 years of hands-on experience treating people with arthritic conditions, many of our physiotherapists are runners themselves (with some of them even completing ultra marathons).  We understand firsthand what it takes to lead a healthy life and keep doing the sporting/daily activities you love.

In your first meeting with a BJC physiotherapist, you will go through a 45-minute initial assessment where we will determine the problem, make a provisional diagnosis and put a plan in place with timeframes to fix/manage your condition. We will also go over your short and long-term expectations; whether you are looking to maximise your performance, fix occupational injuries, or relieve chronic pain. BJC Health can help.

Moreover, our treatments and therapies are combined under one roof to reduce the inconvenience of dealing with multiple medical practitioners. We have unique insight into inflammatory conditions that can cause muscle and joint problems as well as the mechanical and inflammatory sources of injuries.  Given this, we consider all possible options for healing your condition, which may include treatments such as:

Lead The Life You Want With Relief That Lasts

In order to ensure long-lasting relief and compliance, we offer innovative video prescriptions that teach you custom-tailored exercises and are easily accessible to the patient (even on mobile devices). Not only do we want to help you get your health back on track, but we want to put you in the best position possible to prevent future complications.

Ultimately, our priority is to help you lead the life you want by providing the best care possible, all under one roof.

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