What is Osteoporosis?

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Osteoporosis is present when the bone becomes fragile to the point that fractures occur without much trauma. A long history of causes can precede the first symptoms but unfortunately, the first symptom and sign of osteoporosis is often a fracture.

Osteoporosis is a very common disease, which is unfortunately commonly undetected & undertreated.

The primary goal is to avoid future fractures. Improving bone strength is crucial, but reducing the risk of falls should not be overlooked.

At our clinics in Chatswood, Parramatta and Brookvale, we treat both the symptoms and underlying causes of osteoporosis.

This service includes:

  • Fracture care
  • Pain relief
  • Confirming the diagnosis with appropriate testing
  • Correcting risk factors & secondary causes of osteoporosis
  • Appropriate pharmaceutical therapies
  • Emphasising adequate Calcium & Vitamin D
  • Improving gait stability & preventing falls
  • Weight-bearing & muscle-strengthening exercise programs.

Primary assessment by a rheumatologist or endocrinologist (a referral is required). This is then followed by appropriate investigations ordered & treatments instituted.

Coordinated referral to appropriate allied health professionals depending on patient requirements is key to the effective treatment of osteoporosis and this is where the BJC Health Connected Care philosophy and practice lets us treat all the issues surrounding osteoporosis.