The Portfolio Low Cholesterol Diet

The Portfolio Low Cholesterol Diet

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Lowering cholesterol is a major factor in the health of everyday Australians. We know about avoiding fatty foods and sugary sweets but there are other things you can do to enhance cholesterol lowering.

Now research is showing the Portfolio Diet, a healthy low cholesterol diet comprised of low cholesterol foods and cholesterol lowering foods, is a way of eating that is able to significantly reduce your cholesterol levels.

The key steps included in this food plan are:

  • Include legumes and lentils
  • Add in soy based products, such as tofu, soy milk and edamame
  • Add a handful of raw, unsalted nuts and seeds
  • Include viscous fibre
  • Ensure plant sterols are a part of your daily intake

Though cholesterol lowering foods  are key to the Portfolio Diet, It is also important to

  • Avoid saturated fat, instead swap for unsaturated versions
  • Ensure to consume 2-3 serves of fish per week, in particular oily choices such as salmon, mackerel or tuna.
  • Avoid refined sugar, especially in excess
  • Remove fat from meat prior to cooking
  • Adopt healthy cooking methods
  • Drink plenty of water, avoid over indulging in sugared, higher energy fluids

Discovering you have high cholesterol or elevated triglycerides may come as a surprise especially if you consider your diet a healthy and balanced one. With the right explanations and advice from a qualified dietitian, you will find out how to lower cholesterol with a few small changes.


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