The Best Low FODMAP Nuts

The Best Low FODMAP Nuts

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March is Nuts for Life’s #nuts30days30ways month, so we thought we’d jump on board and talk about which nuts are high and which are low FODMAP, and provide 30 ways of including our favourite nuts! 

High FODMAP nuts

Pistachios and cashews are both high FODMAP, in any quantity, whilst almonds and hazelnuts can cause a problem for people intolerant to oligosaccharides if more than 10 are consumed.

The comment I hear most when going through the low FODMAP diet with clients? "But they’re all my favourites!" Yep! See below for some ideas for incorporating low FODMAP nuts into your everyday life!

Low FODMAP nuts

All other nuts other than those listed above are appropriate to use on a low FODMAP diet.

Here are 30 ways of including nuts in your diet. We’d love to hear your favourite ways!

- Chopped macadamias and walnuts in your breakfast
- Nut butter: Homemade, or store bought natural peanut butter (try Pic’s, Mayvers, Sanitarium or Kraft)
- Peanuts added to stirfry
- Walnuts used in a salad with rocket, olive oil and parmesan
- Pecan pie
- Sprinkled over lactose free yoghurt
- Nut crackers – ground nuts mixed with egg, water and salt, and baked
- Smear of nut butter (see number 2) on nut crackers, banana, kiwi or rockmelon
- Green beans sautéed in olive oil and pecans
- Add natural peanut butter to chicken and turmeric to make a satay
- Toasted in the oven
- Au-naturale
- Crushed and used as a healthy base for a slice, pie or tart
- Pine nuts added to spinach and pumpkin salad
- Mixed with quinoa and brown rice for the base of a grainy salad
- Add wasabi
- Mix nut butter with yoghurt and sliced fruit
- Macadamia and blueberry smoothie
- Buckwheat and walnut pancakes
- Toasted with chilli flakes and tamari
- Almond or macadamia nut milk in your coffee
- Tempeh and brazil nut burger
- Muesli bars – mix chopped nuts with puffed rice and golden syrup to make your own!
- Brazil and walnut cake
- Macadamia parfait with lactose free cream and berries
- Coriander and walnut pesto
- Spinach and pine nut omelette
- Panfried fish with pecan pesto
- Pecan and berry loaf
- Low FODMAP Christmas cake (or anytime cake!)

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