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Australia day is coming up, and for many of us, this means beers and BBQs, particularly sausages.

I am all for a sneaky Aussie Day snag, but unfortunately they are not always the healthiest of choices, and many are not low FODMAP. So what can you do to keep with tradition, but not spend the day in the bathroom?

If sausages are your jam, gluten, onion and garlic-free sausages are getting easier to find, with many butchers and supermarkets now regularly stocking these.

Some great, low FODMAP, healthy BBQ alternatives include:

- Lamb cutlets: Lean, well portioned and delicious on the BBQ
- Home made kebabs (aka meat skewers) with your choice of diced meat, plus capsicum, zucchini, tomato and pineapple
- Seafood skewers: Prawns, white fish, calamari and scallops on a skewers, rolled in olive oil and parsley
- Salt and pepper tofu
- Tempeh burgers
- Gluten, onion and garlic-free rissoles and burgers

For best choices for pairing with the BBQ, check out my take on what is healthier; cider or beer!

You can also check out an interview I did on the anatomy of a sausage, here.

Happy Australia Day, everyone!


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