Christmas on a Low FODMAP Diet

Christmas on a Low FODMAP Diet

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Yes it’s that time of year again! Cue the Christmas carols, the insane rush in all the shopping centres and the seemingly endless amount of Christmas parties and dinners.

Around this time of year, it can be hard to manage any sort of diet, so how do you manage Christmas on a low FODMAP diet?

Here are our top three tips for managing these situations:

  • Planning: I often say, I talk more about planning and organization than I do about food, and this situation is no different. Knowing what is coming up will make it much easier to make decisions about what foods you choose and when.

  • Stay low FODMAP where you can: When you’re in control of what you’re having (I.E. you have prepared your food), stay as low FODMAP as you can. This way when you are out, it is less likely your symptoms will be as severe if you eat something you’re intolerant to.

  • It doesn’t matter if you aren’t 100 % low FODMAP: All you can do is your best, and unfortunately when eating out, the amount of foods you need to avoid when on a low FODMAP diet is too much for most places. If you know you significantly react to anything, for example fructose and lactose are your key triggers, but you’re OK with some polyols and fructans, avoid your key triggers, and avoid the others in the lead up to the event, making it more likely you will get through relatively symptom-free.

Most of all though, relax and enjoy yourself. Christmas parties, and all the other social occasions which come up at this time of year are supposed to be a source of pleasure, not stress.

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