BJC Health Private Practice Fellowship in Rheumatology 2021

Posted by Sarah Comensoli on Aug 11, 2020 5:12:07 PM
  • A very bright spot in 2020 for us has been how well our inaugural Private Practice Fellowship has worked. Sure, we’ve had to swivel with the pandemic, but that has been so much easier with the help of an engaged & interested fellow. And while we’ve had to practice social-distanced training, training still occurs with supervision, transfer of skills & knowledge, and lots of parley.

  • Our inaugural fellowship finishes at the end of February 2020, so we are now advertising this position for 2021.

  •  You’ll have a unique opportunity to work in well-established, innovative private practice settings.
    - Full-time employment with all the support, mentoring & resources you require. Our goal is to help you develop into the best rheumatologist you can be. Flexibility to work Part-time if required.
    - Gain diverse experience of private practice rheumatology, allowing for a more gradual and supported transition
    - Renumeration package of a guaranteed base salary of $120K p.a with a further 9.5% superannuation ($131.4K package)
    - You will almost certainly qualify for bonus payments to bolster the base salary
    - Includes a generous 5 weeks annual leave and 1 weeks of conference leave
    - Located in Sydney at BJC Health (Chatswood & Parramatta)
    - Starting 2021, for a period of 12 months (starting date flexible)

  • About this Opportunity
    We are looking for a dynamic, young rheumatologist who has completed 3 years of accredited rheumatology training in Australia.

  • Requirements:
    - Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS or equivalent), registered with the Medical Board of Australia
    - Applicants must have Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Recognition as a specialist by the Medical Board of Australia & be able to access Medicare for billing
    - Excellent communication skills, a patient-centred mindset, and a wish to work as part of a team
    - Be open, transparent and coachable
    - Be a person who strives to do everything a little bit better each time, aiming to be memorable & to surpass expectations

  • You will be able to experience world-class private practice settings with the following benefits:
    - Interacting with 10 rheumatologists at various stages of the careers, with both private practice, public hospital & academic experience
    - Working in the only, comprehensive, multidisciplinary rheumatology centre in the community in Australia, with access to physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, dietitian services, rheumatology educators, hand physiotherapy, a podiatry service, rheumatology group exercise classes.
    - Access to rheumatology Ultrasound
    - An emphasis of great workplace culture

  • There will be ample opportunity for educational activities:
    - One-on-one case review sessions
    - Sessions to learn from allied health professionals including biomechanical & movement assessment
    - Sessions to learn business management, accounting structures, HR, IT & practice set-up
    - Electronic Health record education and access to digital technologies for the purposes of patient education & engagement and practice building
    - Mentorship available from senior rheumatologists
    - Involvement in GP education as well as a variety of educational workshops & preceptorships hosted by BJC Health
    - One-on-one assessments with performance feedback, goal identification and leadership training

  • Clinical load:
    - Involvement in a number of clinics a week. We anticipate a slow and steady build-up with a gentle pace. New patient appointments will take 1 hour and follow-ups scheduled for 30 minutes.
    - No inpatient care requirement
    - Work a minimum 46 weeks a year. This provides for 5 weeks annual leave & 1 week conference leave.
    - Standard day is considered 9 hours with 1 hour lunch eg 0800 to 1700 with flexibility with the times and total hours
    - In addition to the base salary, a bonus will be paid after $260K in net billings.
    - Net Billings after $260K are split 60/40 with 40% paid as salary bonus.
    - There is not any ceiling to the bonus

  • We anticipate you will have quite a low caseload initially so the aim during this time would be to embed good practice and habits, liaise with staff, be involved with education. Observing the consulting style of other health professionals will be an important part of the early months. We encourage a flexible schedule, to ensure work-life integration and time for non-rheumatology interests.

  • Example of a working week (negotiable):
    Mon Non-clinical day. Flexible to enable learning & self-development
    Tues 2 clinics @BJC Chatswood
    Wed 1 clinic @BJC Parramatta
    Thu 2 clinics @BJC Parramatta
    Fri 1 clinic @BJC Parramatta
    Sat 1 clinic fortnightly

About us:
BJC Health started as the Bone & Joint Clinic in 2002. It has evolved to be Australia’s most comprehensive multidisciplinary rheumatology practice in the community with around 45 staff over 2 sites, including 10 rheumatologists. We have an electronic database of more than 60000 patients, helping more than 4000 new people each year. Our team believes and works to achieve our vision, to change the lives of people with rheumatic disease, to help them live and feel better.

How to apply:
For more information, please contact: Dr Irwin Lim

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