Celebrations: A time for nutrition?

Celebrations: A time for nutrition?

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The final promised post focusing on the World Cup. Tomorrow we will know who the winner is- will it be Germany? Or Argentina?

When I think of the time I was lucky enough to spend in Argentina a few years ago, the main meals/foods I remember went a little like this: Steak, wine, dulce de leche, dulce de leche icecream, empanada, steak, wine… Whilst there was a few healthier choices thrown in there as well, my point is that Argentina is not especially known for the healthy choices, more for the aforementioned foods. Still, when I was searching for Argentinian recipes for this, I stumbled upon this website, which appears to have some lovely, traditional Argentinian choices that do include some much healthier ingredients (I like the sound of the quinoa empanadas, and the chimichuri!).

So what does this have to do with nutrition? Everything, and nothing. I love it when people come in and tell me how it was their birthday, so they indulged in a delicious piece of cake. Or they went to visit their grandma, who had made a hearty (very) meaty casserole, or their team won so they went out celebrating. Yes, food is for fuel, and the majority of the time, you will benefit from putting the best quality, correct amount of fuel in to keep you healthy. However, this is not to say you can’t let your hair down once in awhile; celebrations aren’t a time for worrying about kilojoules or calories. Continually denying yourself some of these less healthy choices is more likely to result in less healthy choices in general, as well as a possible binge once you allow yourself the aforementioned food. Allowing yourself to eat them sometimes, when you truly feel like having them will satisfy the craving.

So what to do? Plan. Know what you have coming up. If you want to celebrate and not worry about what you eat occasionally, no big deal, however plan for it to fit into your week, and when you do, enjoy it!

Regardless of which team wins, there will be celebrations all over the world! I love how sport is able to bring so many people together!

Which team are you going for?

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