Running: Another Full Time Job

Running: Another Full Time Job

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As this post goes up, four of my colleagues, the HerOes are running the 100km Oxfam trail walker. Myself and one of our other dietitians, Monica, have worked extensively with them over the last few months to help get their nutrition just right for race day. One of the comments I have heard most often is 'there is SO MUCH planning!!'

There's buying food...preparing food...eating food food. For anyone out there planning on taking on this commitment, following is a few pearls of wisdom I have picked up from them:

1. Support: Having support from friends and family is a major assistive factor, whether it's having someone to help out with the shopping and food prep, having someone to cheer you on, or someone to rub your feet when you get home tired an sore.

2. It takes time: Having the time set aside to do the food shopping, train, work and spend time with loved ones means not alot of time left in the day

3. Team work: Doing such a race is so much more enjoyable if done as part of a team. You can groan to your team members (or your dietitian) about the amount of time that's spent pre-training preparing food packs, about how much running you're actually doing, or about falling in a creek during said run... Most of all though, you have your team mates there to push you on, to take that next step, and never give up.

It's been an inspiring few months working with the HerOes crew, and I am very excited about cheering them on on the trail later today! If you're interested in supporting them/oxfam, click here to be diverted to their fundraising page.

Chloe McLeod is a dietitian at BJC Health.
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