Avocado, ricotta and vegemite smash

Avocado, ricotta and vegemite smash

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Avocado SmashHere's a quick, easy and healthy breaky idea.


  • ¼ Avocado (can have up to ½ if not trying to lose weight, if desired)
  • 2 tbspn low fat ricotta or cottage cheese
  • 2 teaspoons vegemite
  • 2 slices wholegrain toast


Toast bread, spread with 1 tsp of vegemite on each slice

Spread 1 spoon of ricotta on each slice

Spread avocado across the top.

As an alternative, smash the ricotta and avocado together and spread across toast as a paste.

Serves one for breakfast.


(BJC Health Dietitian at Chatswood, Parramatta and Brookvale)

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