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Fish School!

Fish School!

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Last weekend I was lucky to head to the Sydney Seafood School for a BBQ cooking class with some friends. The three hour class consisted of a demonstration of how to prepare the meals, us cooking the meals, then getting to sit down to a delicious lunch, prepared by us!

Garlic butter mussels Garlic butter mussels
Our instructor, Vincenza, was absolutely fantastic, and during the demonstration had some wonderful tips, some that I already knew, others that were new news! For example cleaning your cast iron bbq with a chux and water whilst still hot is the best way to do it, for a hot plate, using vinegar and water (again, whilst the plate is hot) will clean it up nicely. Keeping your seafood on a plate covered tightly with cling wrap, rather than in the plastic it is bought in means it will stay fresher. Plus I finally learnt how to remove the head and digestive tract from a prawn in one go!

Salmon with lime mayonaise Salmon with lime mayonaise
Fish are an incredibly important part of our diet, as they provide omega 3 fatty acids, along with lean protein, and are a great choice to include when it comes to improving or maintaining your health. See my post here about the health benefits of fish.
Our menu included prawns in chermoula, garlic butter mussels, BBQ spotted whiting in a parmesan crust, Asian style squid salad and salmon with lime mayonaise, served with a creamy dressing

I really loved the emphasis on using fresh, sustainable produce. It is better for us, and better for our environment. Fish as season’s as well. One of the recipes called for garfish, however this is currently not ‘in season’, so instead we were provided with spotted whiting instead.

I would highly recommend the class if you love seafood but either aren’t sure how to cook it, or if you’d like some new, practical recipes to add to your repertoire. I am already trying to decide which one to go to when I go back to fish school!


Chloe McLeod is a dietitian at BJC Health. This blog focuses on diet & nutrition generally and diet & nutrition in relation to the treatment of arthritis and arthritis-related diseases. Contact us if you’d like our help in managing diet-related health issues

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