Top 5 Tips for Low FODMAP diet at Sports Games

Top 5 Tips for Low FODMAP diet at Sports Games

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It's that time of year again - footy season is in full swing. A place where pies, hot dogs and chips are the order of the day. And if you're heading to a game, but trying to eat low FODMAP, finding something that is not going to cause problems can be a challenge, to put it nicely.

So, how to manage? Here are my top five tips!

1. Eat before you go to the game, or eat after. This way you won't be so tempted by high FODMAP, and/or unhealthy choices.

2. Take some snacks in with you. If you can't find anything there, this can make it much easier for you. Some chopped fruit, gluten free crackers or some soup in a thermos can all work really well.

3. Sushi! Many stadiums now offer sushi as choice. Salmon, tuna or chicken with cucumber is a great, low FODMAP option.

4. Burgers. Some stadiums do grilled meat burgers. Whilst not ideal, taking off the bun (or maybe they might have a GF bun) and any other high FODMAP ingredients can be a winner.

5. If all else fails... hot chips. Yes, not the healthiest choice, however they do fit into the low FODMAP category - just remember that for some of you, the high fat content may cause issues. So enjoy in moderation!

I'd love to hear your strategies for heading out to watch sport!


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