Eating low FODMAP at work

Eating low FODMAP at work

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You’re running out the door, as mornings are always a rush, and realise too late that you left your delicious, low FODMAP lunch on the kitchen counter.

Or maybe your workplace has lots of team lunches at local cafes and restaurants. Or, maybe you are often taking clients out for meals. It's certainly no lie that eating out on a low FODMAP diet can be a challenge. When it comes to work and not wanting to make a fuss, yet also still wanting to feel excellent, it certainly can be difficult.

Here are my top 6 strategies for low FODMAP eating at work:

- Check the menu in advance: Check out the menu of local places prior to going there. This can help you make a choice before you arrive.

- Go somewhere else. Not always possible I know, but it can be an option in some instances.

- Call the restaurant/café and ask if anything can be changed, or ask when you’re ordering if ‘x’ can be left out please.

- Do your best, and pick high FODMAP foods out of your order as you see them (eg picking onion out of your salad)

- Don’t worry about it. Because sometimes, it is too hard, or you really don’t want to worry, you just want to enjoy!

- Speak with a colleague you trust. There is nothing worse than feeling unwell at work, and sometimes, having someone to talk to, and to have your back (for example when you really do want that birthday cake, but you know it will make you bloated, but are sick of other colleagues wondering why you always say no to cake!) can make your life that little bit easier.

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