TNF inhibitors cause Weight Gain & Fat Increase

TNF inhibitors cause Weight Gain & Fat Increase

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My post, Do TNF inhibitors make you put on weight? , is a very popular post and has been accessed thousands of times. I encourage you to check out the comments.

While blog comments are clearly not considered  high level scientific evidence, the interest and sheer volume make me take this potential problem seriously.

Based on this post,  a pharmaceutical representative very helpfully reached out to me and offered the services of her company to perform a literature search on this topic.

I figured there would be lots of you interested so here is a list of references:

Psoriasis / Psoriatric arthritis / Spondyloarthritis 

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I haven’t read these all. I read a few that I could get my hands on and skimmed some abstracts.

In short, it does seem like a true effect.

TNF inhibitors do seem to lead to an increase in weight, BMI and a change in body composition with a frustrating increase in abdominal adipose tissue.

What’s unclear is why this doesn’t happen to all patients, why some patients seem to be affected much more, and what the actual mechanism of this effect is?

These descriptive studies also do not really tackle if we can avoid this with appropriate exercise and being mindful about diet and nutrition. 

Our interest at BJC Health on a holistic approach means we typically do try to improve our patient’s lifestyle choices.

I have to make it clear that in my own cohort of patients on TNF inhibitor therapy, it is only a small minority who seem to develop significant weight gain. 

Maybe, I need to measure it more diligently. I likely need to ask the question more and to make my patients more aware of the possibility of weight gain. 

I’d be prepared to bet there’s more than a few of you ready to comment. Please do share your experiences and thoughts. 


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