The BJC Health Amazing Race

The BJC Health Amazing Race

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Once a year, a group of health professionals in the rheumatology/ musculoskeletal disease arena get dressed up and compete in teams of 4 to win the right to have their names on a coveted trophy.

The BJC Health Amazing Race!

Kudos to Errol who has organised this for years, creating a laughter-filled day, combining serious determination, puzzle solving, foot races, lots of googling to solve some riddles as teams weave around Sydney searching for the ultimate destination.

It’s developed into our clinic’s most anticipated social event. 

And it’s great to see people coming together as a team to find solutions to the conundrums facing them.


Now, if only it was as easy back in the clinic.

BJC Health comprises a team of rheumatologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, dietitians, a rheumatology care coordinator, administration and reception staff.


Throwing together people and expecting this to develop into a cohesive team that will create the best solutions for our patients with arthritis, autoimmune disease and a variety of aches and pains is wishful thinking.


Over the years, we’ve learned that we actually have to work very hard on developing the right culture and the right environment to try and get a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare that goes beyond lip service.

It continues to be a steep learning curve. So it’s nice to have some fun along the way.

Congrats to the winning team for the 2016 BJC Health Amazing Race!



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