PRP injections: what, why, when, safety

PRP injections: what, why, when, safety

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There's a lot of interest in PRP injections for various joint and tendon problems.

It's fair to say that this is still not standard medical or rheumatology practice because the level of scientific evidence is still insufficient to make it so. 

However, many sports doctors and radiology practitioners, as well as GPs with a special interest in musculoskeletal health are utilising these Platelet Rich Plasma injections ( PRP injections) to help people with recalcitrant joint and tendon issues.

Dr Andrew Jordan, a rheumatologist at BJC Health, has a special interest in and has been using PRP injections for a few years.

Here is a series of videos to help explain PRP injections: what, why, when they should be used. As well as whether they are safe.

What are PRP injections?


When are PRP injections appropriate? 


In which situations do PRP injections work best?
Are PRP injections safe?
When should you avoid PRP injections?


What's your experience with PRP injections?

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