Practice Philosophy for an Arthritis Centre

Practice Philosophy for an Arthritis Centre

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We welcome a new rheumatologist, Dr Shirley Yu, in February to our Chatswood clinic.

I was revising our Doctor's Handbook to provide her.

This is something we provide to all our doctors so that they get a better understanding of procedures and protocols and the way our practice is set up, to help them make a better transition.

A very important goal of the handbook is to also give them a better sense of our vision and the values we hold important.

As I was reading through this handbook I wrote a few years ago, I came across the section on BJC Health’s practice philosophy. 

I thought it worth sharing with you all.

Practice Philosophy 

"We understand that you may be new to private practice, and in particular, new to our style of practice. 

BJC Health is a business and it must be viable financially to be sustainable. BJC Health however should be considered a "not just for profit" business. 

We have key beliefs encompassed by our vision statement. 

We want to provide the best care possible for our patients, utilising a team of dedicated, health care professionals, both medical and allied health to achieve these outcomes. 

By bringing together people and resources committed to this common cause - best care for our rheumatology patients - we create value that no one individual rheumatologist can create alone. 

We want to achieve this while safeguarding the interests of all our coworkers, our patients and clients, our referrers, and the society in which we operate. 

One step to achieving this is creating a great workplace for all our staff. Culture matters. Work enjoyment matters. Having a shared purpose matters. 

Improving the journey our patients take is paramount. 

How they get from A to B can be made less painful, more convenient and more compassionate."

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