Merry Christmas from your Arthritis team

Merry Christmas from your Arthritis team

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We closed the clinic shortly after midday on Xmas eve. I think everyone needs a break.

2015 has been an exciting and exhausting year for BJC Health. 

We started with new IT systems followed by a migration of  accounting software. 

We then sourced new space for our Chatswood site. This was unexpectedly followed by finding new space for our Parramatta clinic. These expansions led to lots of planning, negotiations with builders, the actual supervision of the fitout and finally the move. We transplanted 2 clinics over 2 weekends within 3 weeks of each other! This is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

In September, we ran our inaugural internal conference, bringing together our diverse team to talk Connective Care and to add to the culture of collaboration.

And there were even patients to see during this our rheumatologists, our physiotherapists, our exercise physiologists, our care coordinator and our dietitians. The team has grown and matured, and we accept the constant need to do better. 

Just a couple of days ago, we launched this new platform, combining a number of web properties. It just made sense to bring all our blogs back to one place, all sitting under our clinic's website. After all, our catchcry is Connected Care.

It will take us some time to bring this new endeavour up to scatch. That's already in the plans for 2016, along with a whole range of new initiatives that I'm sure you'll find useful and interesting. More to come after we have a break to recharge.

Finally, I'd like on behalf of BJC Health to thank you all. Thank you for visiting this site. Thank you for reading and for your comments. 

Your support really matters and does spur us all on to improve our service.

Merry Xmas! We wish you and your families a very safe and relaxing holidays!

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