Benefit Ladder for people with arthritis

Benefit Ladder for people with arthritis

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It might seem to be a strange thing to blog about.

However, I’ve spent the 1st half of this weekend consolidating some thoughts about marketing.

Please don’t have a negative connotation of that word. It’s so much more than just being concerned with sales.

I’m talking about assessing our clinic, the services we provide, and looking down on it from a “helicopter-view” while also trying to understand the perspective that our customers (our patients) have.

So, I’ve been mulling about what we stand for, to people who use our services.

It’s then interesting to consider how we should better position the services that we actually deliver, each and every day.

Take the concept of the Benefit Ladder. A useful device, forcing us to consider how we actually benefit the people coming to us for help.

The Benefit Ladder.jpg

Here are my early thoughts, as I mentally climb the benefit ladder:

Product Features 

BJC Health provides a range of complementary services provided by different health professionals with different skill sets, all working together as a team. A one-stop shop with a team who listens to you & treats you as a person, not a walking disease state.

Product Benefit

BJC Health will save people time, reduce hassle & provide higher quality care.

Customer Benefit

People who come to BJC Health will have better health & will therefore live better, for longer.

Emotional Benefit 

People who come to BJC Health will feel better about themselves.

I’d love your feedback. Am I missing the mark?

If you have arthritis and are looking for help from some service provider, are these the benefits what you would want?

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