Our Shirts reflect our BJC Health story?

Our Shirts reflect our BJC Health story?

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By Errol Lim, Physiotherapist

I feel the picture below tells a story.

When we first thought of uniforms, we were still uneasy with our business name and what it stood for.

That was 2 and half years ago. The three shirts you see starting from the left were totally different, trying to please everyone at the time and still struggling with our true identity. I'm sure you can see that in the colour scheme and style.

However, with a stronger focus and a common goal, our team now looks the part.

We've decided on the blue striped business shirt and the dark blue polo you see on the far right.

It's interesting how something as simple as a uniform can give you such a sense of pride and confidence. I hope our whole team feels the same way.

Errol Lim is a physiotherapist and the managing director of BJC Health.
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