Sciatica: she’s off the couch

Sciatica: she’s off the couch

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Last night, she needed to use the toilet. My wife, M, declined the use of a makeshift nappy. With me as a crutch, and every step a painful one, we made it to the toilet.

This morning, M woke up with less pain. With the use of the broomstick, she could stand and hobble. The numbness had reduced at her right sole and she seemed to have a bit more power in pushing her foot down.

My physiotherapist brother visited this morning. He brought proper forearm crutches and a lumbar support. While she was still in pain and couldn’t really put her weight on the right foot, we got her up and made her move around.

She continues on strong anti-inflammatory medication.

She’s been commenced on simple back exercises and has an appointment to start physiotherapy at BJC Health.

It’s now afternoon, and she’s actually able to sit for longer than a few minutes.

We’re making alternative plans for Xmas. The initial plan to spend Xmas at her brother’s property on the Central Coast is not really an option as the long car ride is almost certain to aggravate the problem.

We’re also working out work arrangements and family help with the 3 kids. It’s a bit of a hassle when the family’s main cleaner, shopper, cook, chauffer, child-care minder and event organiser is out of action.

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