What is the best exercise for me?

What is the best exercise for me?

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Recent statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that 38% of Australians participate in physical activity.

It’s no surprise that many people will want to know what the best way to exercise is for them.

In Australia, we are lucky that there is so much to choose from. The list is endless, from simply going for a walk, to doing Pilates, to attending a gym or boot camp, and exercise such as cross fit and F45 training.

All research will point to the importance of exercise, for many general health reasons, injury management and even one’s mental health.

The many benefits of exercise is obvious.

I could go on and on about all the different exercises that we can engage in, but the most important  point that I like to make clear to my patients is:

The best exercise for you is the one that you will continue.

I truly believe this, as we are all guilty of starting an exercise and doing it for a few months before giving up and deciding it’s all too hard.

Next time you are deciding what exercise you should participate in, pick something you enjoy!

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