The use of a metronome in tendinopathy management

The use of a metronome in tendinopathy management

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In our previous tendinopathy blog, I explained the emerging research from Dr Ebonie Rio, in support of isometric exercises for pain relief.

At the recent Australian Rheumatology Association scientific meeting, I was fortunate to hear Dr Ebonie Rio speak about her research.

She highlighted the importance of using a metronome whilst performing isometric exercises in tendon rehabilitation.

Like me, I’m sure you are wondering what connection there is between hearing a regular deep thudding noise, and how your tendon recovers from injury.

When there is tendon disease, there are changes to how a part of the brain (the motor cortex) modulates pain. Auditory cues have been shown to be beneficial for the initiation of changes in the brain which take place following tendon injury (also known as neuroplasticity).

You can check out this new exciting research Here!

Next time you look at your old metronome seated on the piano, remember it’s not just a device to keep you playing the piano to the correct tempo!

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