Tendinopathies part five - How can I just rest?

Tendinopathies part five - How can I just rest?

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In part two of my blogging mini-series on tendinopathies, I have discussed the importance of resting the injured tendon, in the case of a tendinopathy injury.

This is often met with a lot of resistance, especially when they are told it may be necessary to rest for up to 2-3 months.

Often the patients that present with a tendinopathy are those that also train quite intensely for sporting events or runs, which can make accepting this change even more challenging.

One thing I also try to emphasise with this unwanted news is the importance of keeping up with exercise in this so called “rest period”. The last thing I want is for patients to only perform tendon rehabilitation exercises.

It is important for these patients who are returning to sport to not be too deconditioned as an injury to another part of the body may result. That is why their cardiovascular fitness should be addressed during this time.

There is also an opportunity to strengthen other parts of the body which were never given the time when in full training.

Fortunately, there are a number of options which my patient’s can undertake to maintain fitness whilst they cannot run or walk as much as normal. Here are my favourites:

  • Bike riding (for Achilles, plantar fascia, patella tendon injuries)
  • Swimming (for all lower limb tendon injuries)
  • Water running or walking in water (for all lower limb tendon injuries)
  • Alter-G treadmill (for all lower limb tendon injuries)

If my patient’s can maintain their fitness during the tendon rehabilitation process, I find the process of returning to sport or activity a little less complicated.

I feel it is my job to help you maintain your fitness levels whilst you are unable to partake in all your normal activities. Please remember this the next time your physiotherapist asks you to rest!

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