Sydney Coastrek is just around the corner!

Sydney Coastrek is just around the corner!

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Our BJC Health physiotherapy team is very excited to be involved with Coastrek this year on the 4th of March. Our physiotherapists will be at the various Luv stops to help those competing get through the finish line!

For those of you not familiar with the event, walkers choose to trek between 30 to 55km in teams of four. The event is in support of the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Aside from being a great challenge for all competing individuals, the areas of Sydney that you walk through would have to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque. The start line is at Palm Beach, Coogee or Long Reef, and all three treks finish at Balmoral Beach, which would have to be my favorite Beach in Sydney!

As a physiotherapist (and a keen runner), I understand how difficult it can be to train for such endurance events. It takes significant time, team work and lots of planning. Race day is actually the easy part if you’ve done all the training leading up to the event.

When it comes down to the last few weeks, this is often when niggles and small aches start to appear. This is mostly due to the longer walks that you may now be doing for training, and also the overall load that you have put your body through over the last few months.

There is nothing more frustrating when a new ankle pain, or any pain for that matter, starts a few weeks before race day, when training has gone well up until this point. Or when that minor knee pain that was grumbling for the last few months decides to come out in full force and let you know it doesn’t want to do any more walking.

If that sounds like you, it would be wise to seek the help of a physiotherapist as soon as possible. Often we can teach you tips to help manage this niggle on race day, and provide you the appropriate treatment right up till the starting line to give you the best possible chance of completing the trek in the best physical condition.

I too have experienced injuries just weeks out from a race, and have had to seek help from my physiotherapy colleagues. This has given me more confidence in finishing the race in a time I can be proud of, and at the same time, not letting my teammates down.

We are really passionate about helping Coastrekkers, and, as such, I would strongly encourage you to get your niggles, aches or pains, seen to prior to race day.

In aide of this, we are offering 20% off our physiotherapy services to all of you brave enough to take on Coastrek, just click here.

Good luck with your last week of training - rest, eat and sleep well, and we will see you on race day!

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