Running…is it actually any good for me?

Running…is it actually any good for me?

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A common question I get asked in the clinic.

And my answer is usually… it depends!

More and more I find my clients are wanting more bang for their exercise buck.

  • How can I get the best outcomes in minimal time?
  • How can I burn the most energy but not get injured?
  • Can I still run if I have arthritis?

If you have considered any of these questions then read on!

Here is a quick snap shot of some of the pro’s and con’s I would talk through with my clients when they are keen to start or return to running.


  • Convenient way to get some exercise in. Once you have a good pair of shoes you are set no matter where you are!
  • It’s cheap
  • It can definitely help in burn extra energy if you are training for weight loss/management
  • Great workout for the heart, lungs and cardiovascular system
  • Allows you to get outside in the fresh air
  • Can be a great social option with lots of running clubs and community events popping up every month.


  • It's repetitive (a lot of the same movement done over and over)
  • With poor mechanics, it can place excessive load through the weight bearing joints (think knees, hips, ankles)
  • Despite often looking like an easy thing to do, there is a bit of skill involved! It can take some time to get your technique down pat.
  • It needs some planning and gradual progression. Like most activities as we get a bit older, going from zero to 100% in a short space of time can put our muscles and joints at risk of injury.

I hope the above can give you some insight as to what us EP’s and Physio’s consider when our clients want to talk about running. We are always keen to help our clients achieve their goals, but our role is also to help educate our clients to make safe, sustainable and healthy exercise choices!

Can our exercise physiology and physiotherapy team help you start running?

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