Osteoarthritis Treatment. What’s hot and what’s not?

Osteoarthritis Treatment. What’s hot and what’s not?

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So your treating doctor or physiotherapist informs you that you have arthritis. Words like wear and tear, degenerative changes and my least favourite “bone on bone” may be used to help describe what is going on.

Now what?

Hopefully, a discussion about suitable treatment options ensues.

As technology and research continues to advance at lightning speed, there are more options available then ever before to help manage this condition.

Friends may say the supplement they have just started taking has changed their life. Your neighbour may mention a herbal remedy which has worked wonders.

But what does the evidence say? We have recently summarised the top treatment options currently used to manage Osteoarthritis and created a helpful checklist. We hope this can provide some clarity in what can be a confusing landscape. This comes from a recent paper which reviewed the most up to date research.

It’s important to realise that each individual and case is different, however when it comes to the evidence, unfortunately the best evidence points to what can be the more challenging options to implement.


Osteoarthritis treatment checklist


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