Need to spring clean your exercise regime?

Need to spring clean your exercise regime?

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And just like that, Spring is here!

Warmer mornings, longer evenings and the knowledge that winter is on its way out is enough to get my smiling :)

So hands up if you find it harder to stay motivated to move in the winter months? 

(mine is certainly up)

Cold mornings and evenings can mean achier joints and tendons, energy levels can take a hit, fighting off the coughs and colds are just some of the challenges that many of us share during the cooler months. Not surprisingly, the motivation to exercise can go missing in winter as our priories shift to keeping comfortable, warm and avoiding those winter bugs.

I find Spring offers a great time to reflect on your current exercise regime. Just like spring cleaning our homes, casting a reflective gaze over your current health habits can be a powerful first step in creating some positive changes. So read on if you are seeking a few ideas if your exercise mojo went missing in the winter and you want it back! 

Join a group

This could be an exercise group, walking group or even a local community event. Meeting some new faces, and/or exploring your local neighbourhood can both be great ways to spice up your activity options. I have one client who often gets involved in local "Clean Up" events, as way to keep his steps up over the weekend (when he knows he is prone to Netflix instead). A great option to keep active and do some good at the same time.

Get Outside

Nothing like some fresh air to help wake up our muscles and minds! The longer afternoons might make it that bit more reasonable to sneak in a walk before or after dinner. Perhaps finding a new walking route or heading towards a local park which you wouldn't normally go to can add some variety into your week.

AM vs PM

I often find myself switching my exercise sessions around a little once daylight savings kicks in. I allow myself a few more sleep ins, as I switch my morning gym sessions and runs to the evening. Although a simple strategy, this can often open up different options for staying active. Perhaps there is a new gym class or activity that you have been meaning to try but haven't quite made yet. A simple switch in routine can make a difference when it comes to regaining that exercise mojo!

Exercise some Micro-ambition 

A term I think first coined by Tim Minchin in a wonderful address to graduating college students (full video here). I must admit that as an Exercise Physiologist, I often try to work with a client to establish their moderate-long term health goals. But in some mojo-chasing cases, focusing intently on a short term pursuit might sound more enticing and help you break out of the winter rut. Some examples might be

  • Exercise for 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days
  • Do 10 Squats, 10 push ups and a brisk 10min walk for 10 days straight.
  • Going somewhere new to exercise with a friend/family member each weekend in October

So hopefully you now feel the gentle nudge of more activity calling :) I hope some or all of the tips above help you spring clean your exercise regime! As always,  if you find you are struggling to find your exercise mojo, or want some extra accountability, give us a call or drop a comment below and we would be happy to help!

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