My joints are hot and swollen. How much can I move?

My joints are hot and swollen. How much can I move?

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As Physio’s and EP’s, we spend a fair chunk of our day answering questions about what our clients can and can’t do.

  • How much is too much?
  • Can I walk? Can I run?
  • If my knee feels swollen, is it good to continue exercising?
  • My joints feel hot and puffy, is it ok to keep moving?
  • Should I still do my exercises if my joints are hurting?

These are all really good questions. Especially if you have hot and swollen joints!

BJC Rheumatologist Irwin Lim discusses some of the concerns we have when individuals present to our rooms with swelling. Click here to read more.

In general though, we will advise our clients to take it easy in this instance.

A swollen hot joint needs to be given the opportunity to settle fully before normal movement can be expected or restored. Both pain and swelling can significantly alter your muscles ability to activate correctly, so typically we advise to avoid doing anything too strenuous until your joints are in a better place.

Some strategies which may also be employed by your health care team to help manage hot and swollen joints:

  • Applying tape to the swollen area to assist in its recovery.
  • Referral to GP/Rheumatologist to help identify if medication is useful at this stage

Although it’s normal to just hope the swelling will go away on its own, often a specific management plan needs to be devised. This may include your treating doctor and Allied Health team to work together. Rest assured our collective focus will always be to settle the swelling as soon as possible so you can return to the things you love and get moving once again!

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