All for One and One for All! How group exercise sessions can help you stay motivated

All for One and One for All! How group exercise sessions can help you stay motivated

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Everyone knows the benefits of exercise, and if you’ve read my last blog, you’ll know how to start. But how do you stay motivated?

We know that long term behaviour change can be a struggle, especially when coming from a sedentary lifestyle or if you’re trying to manage symptoms like pain and fatigue. The changing priorities and demands of life can also make staying consistently active difficult.

We also know that achieving long term sustainable change is closely linked to motivation. As an Exercise Physiologist, I have many different tools and questions I might ask to help understand my client’s motivation. But in today’s blog, I will be focussing on one of the best motivation tools that I have available at BJC....Group Exercise Classes!

Offering a wide variety of benefits, group classes are perfect for any individual who needs a bit of extra ‘oomph’ with their exercise – consider these the ABCDE’s of why Group Classes could be the best option for you:

(A) - Accountability

Accountability is all about staying on track and moving forward, no matter what - Booking a spot in a group session and actually showing up means you’re already 5 steps ahead by committing time to your health and fitness goals. We know that the actual process of “booking” can go a long way in helping you prioritise your health on a regular basis.

(B) - Buddies

Many of our clients don’t just come to one of our group sessions to improve their health – lots of our clients create lasting relationships that extend beyond the gym environment. We are all in the group class for a common goal; when you make new friends who are like-minded, you’re more likely to support each other! I also know seeing some familiar faces can be the extra nudge that you need to get out of bed and put your active wear on during those cold, dark mornings. Strong alone, but stronger together!

(C) - Correction and Cueing

When you exercise alone, sometimes it’s easy to take your foot off the pedal and ease up on the intensity and lose a bit of focus (guilty!). At BJC Health, our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are always keeping an eye out to ensure the class is exercising safely and correctly, which reduces the risk of injury. We have mirrors, incredible peripheral vision and almost a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out poor movement. We know that building fitter, stronger bodies takes repetition, specificity and a keen sense for detail.

(D) - Do it for Yourself!

Although there can be up to 8 people exercising at a time, everyone is working through their own goals and exercise programs. Our EP’s spend time planning and preparing a program that is appropriate and effective to help achieve your goals. No two programs are the same! We believe that this particular aspect of our group sessions is what makes them truly unique. Just this morning I had clients that were 40 years old, even up to 90 years of age all working on their specific health and fitness goals. Whether its improving bone density, leg strength or weight loss, our group sessions provide opportunities to do something for yourself!

(E) - Education and Experience

As you exercise more consistently, you will begin to learn about your body and the factors that play an important role with how you move. Group exercise provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge by experiencing a variety of different movements and exercises which you may not have been confident to do before.

Group exercise sessions are a fantastic short and long-term option for many individuals. Whether you're young or young in spirit, whether you’re new to the gym or an experienced fitness fanatic, there are plenty of reasons to join a group! A group environment can be just what you need to keep accountable to your goals, an opportunity to create new friends, and a place where you can gain confidence knowing that you’re doing the right things for your health.

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