Does your workstation suit you?

Does your workstation suit you?

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Does your work require you to be desk bound?

Do you spend a lot of time at home in front of the computer or device?

If you answered yes to one or both of the above questions it may also be a good time to ask “Is my home and office space set up to suit me?

If you answered no, read on! (If you answered yes why not continue on, you have come this far already!)

On average, Australians spend over 8 hours a day sitting! Research has linked prolonged sitting to increased risk of poor mental health, obesity, cardiovascular issues and musculoskeletal injuries such as neck and back pain. Considering most of us are sitting a considerable amount each day, having your environment set up appropriately can certainly assist in managing this risk.

Next time you're at work, have a look at your set up.

What height is your screen?

Are your feet flat on the floor?

How far is your keyboard and mouse away from you?

Ideally, your workstation should look something like this:


Have a go this week at making some adjustments. Contact a physio if you have any questions about it.

Once you have the set up right, tune in to our next physio blog for further tips on how to make your work or home desk space more ergonomically friendly for you.

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