What does a BJC Dietitian do?

What does a BJC Dietitian do?

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A little while back, we spoke about what exactly a dietitian does. This week, I wanted to talk a little more about what we, as BJC dietitians can do to help you by explaining some of our services.

Sometimes, people think that coming to see a dietitian is just about sitting in a room and being told what to eat. If this is what you are after, we can definitely provide it but I know that for Kate, Monica and myself, this is definitely not the way that we like to practice. We also know that each client is likely to have different needs, and as such, we have diversified our service to help our clients reach their health goals in an easier, quicker, and more enjoyable way.

Whilst we have offered the in-house supermarket tour for some time, we are also now able to take individuals or groups of two to the actual supermarket, to go through a personalised supermarket tour. In this tour, we go to the parts of the supermarket you want to go to and help you pick out the best products in each section.

Have you ever wanted a dietitian to go through your pantry with you to help you work out what things you regularly buy that are maybe best left off the list? Pantry audits (either in clinic or at your home, if you live nearby) are also now available.

Some people like more structure, to be ‘told what to do’, or just want more ideas for portions and varieties of foods. To manage this, we are now offering personalised 3 or 7 day meal plans, along with food diary analysis, based on what you are looking to achieve.

Whether you are looking for help with managing arthritis, with following the low FODMAP diet, losing weight, or achieving your sports performance goals - or anything in between - having a personalised service means it is entirely based around you and your needs.

These are just some of the options we have available; we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to access any of our new services!


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