What if a low FODMAP diet doesn't work?

What if a low FODMAP diet doesn't work?

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The majority of the time, for people with IBS, the low FODMAP diet works a charm, with symptoms and quality of life improving dramatically.

Occasionally though, other things come into the mix, meaning the low FODMAP diet is not as effective as hoped. If this is the case for you, what else can you consider?


Stress plays a significant role in management of gut symptoms in many people. If your stress levels are higher than normal, or if you are struggling to manage it, this could be impacting on your symptoms of IBS. I previously wrote about stress management and your symptoms here.

Coffee, chilli and fatty foods

Coffee, chilli and fatty foods are low FODMAP substances that can make symptoms worse for some people. If the Low FODMAP diet isn’t working, and you regularly include these, it may be worthwhile limiting your intake.

Is it food chemical intolerance instead?

For some, FODMAPs is not the answer to the problem, food chemical intolerance is, which I wrote about here. If this is the case for you, it is essential to get the help of an experienced dietitian to help with management, and ensuring your diet remains nutritionally adequate.

As previously stated, the Low FODMAP diet works fantastically for most people, however for some, there is simply more pieces to the puzzle.

Is there anything else you have noticed that influences your symptoms?

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