Lessons from the Farm

Lessons from the Farm

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Over the long weekend I was very lucky to head back to the area I grew up in and spend time with my grandparents on their farm. Some of the fondest memories from my childhood are from my days spent there, with them.

Both are in their 80s, and whilst there is of course the occasional issue, they are two of the healthiest people I know, and this isn't comparing only to their own age group!

I thought I would share some lessons I have learnt from them:

  1. Always check labels and signs - know where your food is coming from, support the local farmers and producers, and buy Australian.
  2. Frozen veggies – when you get home tired after a long day, or are unable to chop them up for some reason, having these ready to go is a godsend.
  3. Keep your mind and body active, whether it is tinkering in the shed or doing a crossword puzzle, or spending time in the garden. Your mind and body will thank you for it later.
  4. Always put in 100%, and don’t be afraid of failing. If it doesn’t work out, try something else, and try again.
  5. Dessert – Don’t be afraid the treat yourself. And when you do, make sure it is worth it!

What have you learnt from your grandparents?













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