Exercise and arthritis

Can I exercise when I have Rheumatoid Arthritis?


When you have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), fatigue can be overwhelming, plus the confusion and worry about triggering a flare can mean that it feels simpler not to exercise.   When it’s hard to do even the simplest things, exercise is not the most obvious choice.  If you’re finding it hard to do the shopping, why would you want to join the gym? 


However, if you have RA, then exercise is a very good thing for you, both physically and mentally.  But the local gym or bootcamp may not be the answer.


You need a program developed by specialists that understand that you have good days and bad days, that sometimes the medication you’re on can determine when the those days are, and how to pace yourself so that you don’t overdo it when you feel good and trigger a flare in your symptoms.


We are not your typical gym or personal trainer. We work with people who have RA every day.  It’s a very different type of exercise routine. We look at your diagnosis, your life and figure out how to fit exercise in and, how to be smart with it. We want to build a routine that improves your quality of life and, we understand the limitations you face due to your condition.


So come and exercise safely with us. Book in your initial consultation with our team of experienced exercise physiologists today.

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