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I am NOT a superwoman - thank goodness for our cookbook

I am NOT a superwoman - thank goodness for our cookbook

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I see clients every week from all walks of life, working in many different jobs and with different work hours.  I have clients who are male, female, young, older, with kids, without kids, in relationships and single.  Everyone unique and with their own challenges to managing their health, but there is almost always a common factor – we are all busy!

I am a working mum with three young children and this year I hit 40 (I’m still not quite sure how that happened!). I love my life of balancing work and family life, and I am passionate about coaching my clients to a healthier lifestyle - but I can tell you I am no superwoman, and at times I struggle to cook the healthiest meal or have the healthiest snacks on hand, and I love chocolate!

This is why I’m so excited that our BJC Cookbook (Anti-Inflammatory Eating, recipes from your dietitian’s kitchen) is here to help – lots of easy recipes that are also quick to make, and are family friendly (my kids love the San Choy Bau which they eat with brown rice, the cannellini bean mash as a side to chicken, meat or fish, and the smoothies – just to name a few).  I know that anti-inflammatory eating is helpful for me, and hopefully I am contributing to a nutritious start for my kids as well.

What tips do you use to produce a healthy meal when busy?

If you are interested in checking out our recipes download our anti-inflammatory cookbook and start cooking healthy options at home.

Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

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