My Exercise Physiologist, My Superhero?

My Exercise Physiologist, My Superhero?

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Exercise Right Week is here! The theme for 2015 is “Exercise Physiologists are Superheroes”. This is an awesome opportunity to pull out my Hunger Games t-shirt or dress up for my exercise class with mask, cape and all. But what does this all really mean?

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We all have the potential to be Super and possess hero-like qualities, not just Exercise Physiologists (EPs). Using Batman as my Superhero example, he is struck by great tragedy of losing his parents at a young age and despite the corrupt world he lives in he still endeavours to fight for the greater good, against all odds. We all have challenges in our own story. Whether we see them as tragedies, setbacks or bumps in the road, it takes courage and a great deal of strength to overcome these; rather Super qualities I think…

In a clinical setting, I like to think of myself as Alfred - Batman’s companion until the end. Even the greatest Superheroes we love have a support crew. Exercise Physiologists can be part of your support crew that can professionally help you achieve success with your injury, your health or your sport.

During a session with any new client, we aim to establish specific and measurable goals. It is common to hear things like get fitter, reduce pain, or lose weight. And whilst these are all worthy pursuits, we often need to dig a little deeper. What is it that I feel clients really want? Ultimately I think they want to become their ideal self- their own Superhero.

To ‘save lives’ EPs empower our clients to have the courage and develop the strength to reach their better self, so that they may live the best lifestyle they choose!

Uncover your own Superhero at our free functional movement screenings. During Exercise Right week, BJC Health EPs will be donating their time to assess your form and ensure that you are using the right technique to achieve your fitness goals. Use our online appointment form to book your free 30 minute session or just call our friendly team on 1300 252 698.

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