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Dietitian Services: Group Sessions

Dietitian Services: Group Sessions

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Last week we talked about accessing a diet service that was personalised for you and your individual needs. Whilst this may be exactly what some people need, others prefer to do things in groups, with friends, family or colleagues.

Small group sessions are now available at all three clinics across Sydney, or if you prefer, in your home, office, local park or gym Imagine coming to our clinic with three of your nearest and dearest, to learn about a topic of your choice? Or imagine booking a block of six of these sessions, to help you all achieve your common goal of improving your health, whilst sitting in the comfort of your home, with the others in your mothers group or even sports team (group sessions outside the clinic can have more than four).

As a dietitian, I have found that sometimes having people close to you, or even just having others who are working towards the same thing, can be a huge motivator! In these sessions, education and strategy development will be the key focus (we like to throw an activity or two your way as well!)

We have a list of available topics to choose from, however, if your topic choice is not on our list, we would be more than happy to go through this with you as well – just let us know in advance. Some popular sessions so far include food portions for weight loss, management of inflammation, glycaemic index, using grains and mindful eating.

We’d love to hear from you if you, or anyone you know is interested in these sessions.

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