RA TV ad spotted!

RA TV ad spotted!

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On World Arthritis Day, one of my patients saw an ad on TV about rheumatoid arthritis (RA). She excitedly told me the next day. 

I think this RA TV ad is a first for Sydney. I know it's really common in America to have advertisements about medications and diseases but it's rare in Australia, with lots of restriction on what the pharmaceutical industry can present.  

I do recall a campaign years ago focusing on male incontinence and more recently, I vaguely remember some stuff regarding depression. But nothing about a rheumatic condition comes to mind.

On the same day, I notice on Twitter a video being circulated by the UK-based National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS). This was a video that made me stop and think. I'm sure I’ve been guilty of just accepting a simple “I’m fine” answer.

Here are the two videos. They’re very different in their style and approach. 

Living with RA

 Behind the smile


 What are your thoughts? 

Is direct to consumer marketing useful? 

Is this something we should pursue in an attempt to help the lives of those who actually suffer these diseases?

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