Poor Hip Xray, Great attitude

Poor Hip Xray, Great attitude

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Mr S underwent hip replacement for his osteoarthritis around 2010. He thought the result OK. 

It did reduce the discomfort. In the last couple of years, he has noted more hip pain and now needs to mobilises with a push frame.

Despite the difficulty with movement, the groin and thigh pain, he manages to live alone on his single level home. When seated and in bed, he reports being quite comfortable.

I suspect Mr S is quite stoic. 

He’s 90.

Mr S smiles during the consultation. He is still enjoying life and enjoying being around his family and friends. 

We looked at the hip Xray together. 

 Dislocated THR.jpg

I don’t have any rehabilitation / non-surgical options for this. I think you can see why.

In the course of our discussion, it became clear that he doesn’t want to consider surgery. This make complete sense given his age and various other medical illnesses which make surgery quite risky.

Mr S, and his family, seem very sensible. He has a great attitude to life and his own situation.

I wasn’t able to help him in any way. Still, Mr S left the consultation with a smile, looking for the nearest good cafe for his mid-morning coffee.

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