Immunology of Rheumatoid Arthritis: whiteboard animation

Immunology of Rheumatoid Arthritis: whiteboard animation

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I like whiteboard animation. Seems to make it easier for me to take in information.

And I love to come across innovative or unusual ways to disseminate information and disease awareness.

This week, I was introduced to the work of Armando Faigl  (thanks to James Agnew from Janssen).

Armando is a final year medical student with a great hobby, making whiteboard animations to help himself and the rest of us. He has created a range of biology and medicine videos.

In this Youtube video, he attempts to explain the complex pathophysiology and immunology around rheumatoid arthritis. This, by the way, is something I find difficult to remember and find myself often googling the detail.



He’s done a good job with difficult content. 

Hope you found it interesting and useful. Here’s Armando’s site:

 RA e-book preview

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