Do you maintain correct posture?

Do you maintain correct posture?

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My mother has one now. She’s probably needed one for awhile since my nagging has not worked.

My daughter has one too. She’s a young teen but the postures with her laptop, the heavy school bag, the musical instruments she plays and her growing, changing body shape have led to upper back aches.


So many people who consult me have issues related to posture. It’s so easy to ignore and while I do explain the issue, I need to be better at convincing them to actually address the problem.


Seeing a good physiotherapist and exercise therapist should help. You'll have to be diligent with appropriate strengthening exercises to help hold better postures given it is a hard thing to do after years of holding poor postures which have lead to weakness of the counter-balancing muscles.

Both my mother and daughter are seeing our team to improve things. The device in the picture was prescribed to them. It’s called Posture Medic, a simple tool to assist them hold the improved posture as they work on strengthening their bodies.

What are you doing about your posture?

Reference: Pictures come from Posture Medic (

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