August 2018: Joint & Musculoskeletal Education for GPs

August 2018: Joint & Musculoskeletal Education for GPs

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Our 4th Annual BJC Health JAM Session (Joint & Musculoskeletal) for GPs and interested health professionals will take place on Saturday 11th August 2018.

We hope to attract around 200 health professionals, 

Most GPs and physiotherapists get little exposure to rheumatic disease even though these diseases commonly grace their treatment rooms.

We know it's important to understand both inflammatory disease as well as biomechanical and degenerative disease to further appreciate their interplay.

Delayed diagnoses and missed opportunities lead to failure to achieve lasting remission or to prevent recurrent, unnecessary suffering.

These are real goals for us to help address.

The aim of the Saturday is to provide information about a range of common musculoskeletal issues, and to provide clinical nuggets that can be used straight away, in treatment rooms on the following Monday.

We want to make a difference to the lives of those people living with rheumatic diseases. Sharing information and raising awareness is one important way to do this.

Here's a video highlighting what we did last year:



The agenda this year is as varied and designed to be as engaging:

  • Case-based presentations (includes Q&A through the presentation as the cases unfold)
    1. He presents with a painful shoulder then the other shoulder starts being stiff 
    2. “I’d had chest pain for 7 years! No-one can tell me whats going on.” 
    3. How to interpret a positive ANA?
  •  Workshops
    1. Psoriatic Arthritis: it’s much more than joint disease
    2. How to assess the Shoulder
    3. Imaging of the Foot & Ankle
    4. Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: a multidisciplinary approach  
    5. Low FODMAP diet: how to use it for Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
    6. Back pain: how to quickly work out if its mechanical or inflammatory? And what to do after!
    7. Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain Syndromes 
    8. "Doctor, when can I run again?” - we’ll explain what the fuss is surrounding Functional Exercise 
    9. The Meniscus: surgical vs non-surgical approaches
    10. Enthesopathy: a refresher & what it might mean if recalcitrant 

We hope you agree this is a worthwhile endeavour.

If you're a GP, please consider joining us on the day.

The registration site is:

If you think your own GP might be interested, please let them know!





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