What not to wear for foot arthritis

What not to wear for foot arthritis

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I couldn't resist this picture.

You all know the problem. Yes, we all love the heels. Me including - at least, the whole look that goes with it.

I dedicate this post to Chloe McLeod, Katherine Gordon & Sarah Thamin. That's their feet at our Xmas party. These already tall women decided to make those of us vertically-challenged all feel even shorter.

This Xray gives you an idea what the bones are experiencing in high heels. 

Courtesy of http://imgur.com/zP5lgNS Courtesy of http://imgur.com/zP5lgNS


Poor, poor bones!

If you wear heels repeatedly over a few decades, what do you think you're doing to bones and joints?

I'm sure this won't stop the trio and the odd occasion should be OK. There's always a place for suffering in the quest to look good.

Thanks to Dr Suleman Bhana (@simba37) for highlighting this great pic.

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