Sciatica: After the 1st month

Sciatica: After the 1st month

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by Irwin Lim, Rheumatologist

5 Saturdays have passed since my wife, M, developed acute right-sided buttock and lower leg pain. Her progress has been interesting to study.

M’s situation is unusual in that she has a rheumatologist for her husband, a physiotherapist for a brother-in-law, and access to the multidisciplinary team at BJC Health. Access to advice and treatment was not an issue. Compliance was mandatory.

She’s “drug-free”, with the last pill, an anti-inflammatory, taken on Christmas day. She attended physiotherapy twice weekly for the 1st two weeks, then weekly since. On the last 2 occasions, dry needling was performed.

M has never been very good with homework. She performs about 10 minutes of stretching and strengthening daily. She should be doing more, but such is the reality of life with 3 young children. Of course, the motivation of pain is also gradually fading as she improves.

Numbness and tingling stopped completely after the 1st week. The right thigh pain became a discomfort and then slowly disappeared. The right buttock continued to ache for 3 weeks. Around this time, she noted mild pain across the lower back. This mild discomfort continues, and serves as a reminder.

She’s able to drive, able to clean and cook, and has returned to work.

Dr Irwin Lim is a rheumatologist and a director of BJC Health. BJC Health provides coordinated, comprehensive, and colocated multidisciplinary care to achieve effective solutions for patients. We call this model of care, Connected Care. Our clinics are located in Parramatta, Chatswood and Brookvale. Contact us.

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